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The decorative concrete industry is still in its infancy yet we've already proven to thousands how our projects can completely transform new or old concrete into something truly spectacular.  With a multitude of systems, there is virtually no problem we cannot find a solution for, and, because we leverage the latest technological advances in material science, our solutions are often cheaper than the alternatives while also less invasive to the property itself.  For these reason and more, many have become interested in building a new business around this expanding area of concrete resurfacing, or have found it a perfect way to add on to their existing services.  

I've helped train contractors in a formal classroom setting for a number of years now and I started to pick up on a pattern.  Almost everyone who goes through an official training class is noticeably excited by the prospect of these new-age materials, yet, after training they would often never be heard from again.  I began to realize that, while this line of work certainly isn't overly difficult, most people are scared of investing in a business idea before they know enough about how to actually do the work.  Of course, without the investment, they never get the experience and it becomes a catch-22.  

Realizing this, I began to restructure how I approached my own business and expanded to include project management and on-site training services for those who have already completed the prerequisite training course provided by the material distributors (contact us for more information).  For a negotiated project rate you will receive onsite assistance to make sure your first projects are done to the highest quality, to cover any potential issues that may arise or be uncovered after prep, and to leave you and your crew with the knowledge and confidence to tackle any similar jobs in the future with efficiency.

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Training and Project Management