​Used in areas where a high-performance, attractive floor is a must or where moisture concerns exist, the award-winning GraniFlex system delivers permanent flexibility to withstand the environmental factors that cause concrete to crack.  

Customer's love the granite-like look for which there is almost endless color options to fit the existing decor or to get creative in a new space, not to mention the cost savings.  Why tear out and replace your old concrete that will eventually suffer the same fate when you could protect and transform your area with GraniFlex


Often, before we can fully install a beautifully resurfaced floor, repairs are necessary.  These could be spalls, divots, cracks or something even more severe.  Fortunately, we leverage a suite of repair materials - ranging from ultra-fast settings materials that help prevent small issues from delaying a job for long to rubberized products that can bend with moving cracks or joints to prevent an installation from cracking back down the road.

Often, in more industrial settings, we are only brought in to fix the problem areas to get them back in service quickly.

Epoxy Flooring

​Possibly the most elegant floor we have installed is the metallic marble epoxy floor (as seen above).  Combining high quality epoxy with specialized color pigments, we can create a marble-like floor that looks far more expensive than you'll actually pay!  

Of course, a different type of epoxy can be used to create other types of floors as well.  Either a simple, single-colored overlay for a more functional, industrial-like floor can be created, or we can broadcast your choice of flakes to create a granite look.

Decorative Concrete

Flagstone & Slate

​Our versatile polymer-infused cementitious texture system can be used to make more than the award-winning concrete wood finish.  We can additionally create tile, slate, and flagstone effects or even spray and stain for a seamless look.  

This is because the system utilizes a fiber reinforced tape to create our lines (aside from the seamless look of course).  This gives us almost complete control over the ultimate design and allows us to employ numerous techniques for a variety of effects.  

Concrete Wood

Voted one of the most innovative systems at the 2014 World of Concrete, our Concrete Wood floors are a sure way to add elegance and character to a room.  Hand-crafted and stained, these floors bring an artistic flourish to your room and offer the flexibility of design to meet your needs.  

Capable of being installed indoors or outdoors, you can now enjoy the beauty of a hardwood floor in areas previously thought to be too risky.  Unaffected by water, basements, patios and other outdoor spaces may now enjoy the look of real rood without the risk of warping and deterioration.  

Characteristics like easy maintenance, environmentally friendly installations, and sustainable materials combine with unique beauty to make this the perfect choice for almost any application!

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